• Pilates at the Farm

Pilates at the Farm

Join us for a Pilates Workshop with instructor, Erin Gaugh, of Radiate Pilates.  The workshop will begin with the history and benefits of pilates and end with 45 minutes of instructional exercise time.  Each participant will enjoy a complimentary hot or cold beverage from our cafe and personal instruction in the art of Pilates.  Mats are not provided.  Please arrive by 9:00 to pre-order your beverage from our cafe and fill out the instructor's health form.  

Why Pilates?  Here's just a few reasons to join in!
Mental and physical health connections are improved
Increased flexibility and spine stability
Strengthens core/powerhouse
Easier on joints
Eases stress and anxiety
Improves concentration/mindfulness 
Full body strengthening/conditioning 
Pilates can be done for the rest of your life
Similar to Physical Therapy for some 
Leave feeling strong, energized, focused, relaxed and invigorated 

Date:  Saturday, September 21st

Time: 9:00 am - 10:45 am