Lotion Bar Recipe

 Nothing is sweeter than a gift made with love! Today we are sharing our lotion bar recipe. This is a perfect stocking stuffer that is both thoughtful and useful for the winter season. Here is how to make our lavender lotion bar:


2oz containers *make sure they are not plastic as essential oil can degrade certain plastics

2 oz silicone molds

Double boiler or saucepan with heat safe dish (Pyrex works great)

Cocoa butter 

Coconut oil


Essential oil of choice

Scale that measures grams



Begin by measuring out your oils and butters.

240 grams of cocoa butter

360 grams of coconut oil

240 grams of beeswax

1.5 tablespoons of essential oil 

Yields -(16) 2oz Bars


Fill your saucepan ¾ of the way with water. (You can also use a double broiler) Turn the heat on low.

Place your pyrex bowl on top of your saucepan. *If you are using this method make sure to use a pyrex bowl. Any other standard glass bowl will not distribute the heat evenly. This could cause your bowl to break.

Begin melting your coconut oil. (Maintaining that low heat) As it starts to slowly melt, stir constantly.

Keep stirring until it is fully melted.

Once your coconut oil is melted, add your cocoa butter. Maintaining that low heat, stir the cocoa butter until fully melted.

After the cocoa butter is melted, add your beeswax. *This may take longer to melt. Let it sit still for a few minutes to aid in the melting process. After a few minutes - begin stirring again.

After your ingredients are fully melted, take your butters off of the heat. Stirring constantly. Let the mixture cool for up to one minute, continuing to stir. After it has cooled for a minute, add your essential oil. *If you add your essential oil too early the heat from the oils can alter the benefits of the essential oil. Stir in your essential oil. 

Immediately following, pour your mixture into your silicone mold.


Let your lotion bars sit for 30 mins in the fridge.

That is it! It is a simple and thoughtful gift for anyone in your life!


You can find the supplies to make lotion bars on Amazon. (We have linked them below!)  The ingredients can be found on Amazon or at Whole Foods. Happy Making! 

2oz Tins

2oz Silicone Mold

Scale for Grams

We have provided a file of Free Printable Tags for you to use! Merry Christmas!


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