Winter 2023 - Regeneration

It’s January; our gate is closed, the plants are covered, Christmas is stored away, and the barn is quiet once more. Winter has completely set in at Long Row Lavender. No longer are our days filled with blooms and patrons. Instead, we breathe the crisp winter air and enjoy its bright blue skies as we go about our daily routines. The field is quiet as it lays dormant for the season. Winters in Missouri are often unpredictable; ranging from frigid temperatures to spring-like days. And while lavender would do much better under a blanket of snow, everything about this business has something to gain from this season. 

Every facet of the farm is allowed an extended breath during the winter. This is a rhythm we return to and appreciate each year. Work is in progress, but at a much slower pace. Because of this yearly practice, we found ourselves drawn to the word regeneration to represent these few winter months. Miriam Webster defines it literally as, “An act or process of regenerating: the state of being regenerated” but he further defines its function as “renewal or restoration of a body, body part, or biological system”. It is this renewal and restoration that we find here in January, February, and March. 

This year, every part of Long Row will be allowed a chance to regenerate. Already, we have personally reaped the benefits of rest and have returned to work motivated and inspired to plan the year. Further, we look forward to the return of our team in February to help us realign our practices and continue to improve our offerings. This is a more personal regeneration, and one that will directly affect the day to day workings of Long Row Lavender in the future.

Aside from our personal renewal, the barn will be undergoing some restoration of its own. Back in October, construction began on a brand new basement. Our team has operated out of one basement for some time now, and we are so excited to gain more space for product production as well as café storage in preparation for a kitchen addition! Seven hundred square feet will be added to our sweet little kitchen. This addition will help our staff function more efficiently and give us the space to dream up new offerings for our patrons. Our team is looking forward to more space to function in the day to day, and what the space could mean for the business. In addition to a larger kitchen, two bathrooms, that can be accessed from the outside, will be added. Now, our Makers’ Markets will have adequate facilities for patrons. 

Winter also allows the field another chance to regenerate as it has undergone a fungus treatment. Last Spring, the owners did a deep dive into the health of our lavender plants. It was revealed that their fleeting life was in part caused by a common fungus affecting many lavender farms across the United States. Coming to this understanding has been close to a two year process of learning. With this newfound knowledge, the owners shifted their practices, and began the grueling process of replanting, treating, and providing proper drainage for the soil. Now our field is full of baby plants and our lavender will have a better opportunity to thrive. We are hopeful these plants will regenerate and grow to be healthier than before. Lastly, our gift shop will change and fluctuate with the seasons, as it always does. This allows the public to find decoration inspiration in a space that reflects nature’s seasons. It will rest this winter, right along with us. And we will take the time to clean and reorganize all its spaces for the coming year.

This is what regeneration will look like for every part of our business. Renewal and rest do not always mean idleness. Instead, it is a chance to slow your pace, hone your priorities, and plan for the future. We hope you will join us this winter as you find your rhythm of regeneration. Whether that is in the workplace, in your homes, or simply as you enter a new season in life. Let’s allow ourselves to be regenerated and step into the remainder of 2023 with a renowned vision and motivation.


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    You are inspiring. Thank you.

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