Using Your Lavender Bundle

  Our “lavender season” at Long Row begins late May and continues into June. Once our midwest weather turns hot and dry, the lavender plants will begin to wake from their winter sleep and bloom. Mid-June is the climax of our lavender growing season and with the flowers at their peak, our barn is packed with patrons. Everyday our team meets visitors who travel near and far to see the lavender. It’s during this period that we allow the public to harvest our blooms, enjoy the lavender flowers, and take a piece of Long Row home with them. Anytime a patron picks a fresh bundle, we will advise them to hang the bundle upside down and store in a cool, dry, place. Taking the time to dry your bundle is important as it ensures the stems will remain straight and retain their buds.

Whatever remains in the field following our “you-pick” events, we will harvest. After harvesting, our team will work fast to style each of our bundles. Once lavender is picked, it begins drying immediately, therefore styling is time sensitive. “Styling” includes meticulously arranging each bundle to make sure they are uniform in size, clean cut, and hanging correctly in the drying loft. These steps allow the bundles to dry nicely. Once dried, your bundle will have longevity. This longevity provides a stunning provincial bundle for you to keep for years to come. Don’t know what to do with your bundle? Here’s how it can be used at home.


Dried lavender bundles make a lovely year round dried botanical. By placing them in a vase or jar, you can have flowers on your table well after the bloom season. The bundle pictured is Edelweiss lavender from our 2019 harvest and it is still beautiful!!

Once lavender sits for a lengthy period of time, its scent will diminish. This can be frustrating for patrons who purchase bundles in order to enjoy their scent. Placing lavender in a sunny window will help the fragrance release as the heat will intensify the scent. Additionally, by placing your dried bundle in the bathroom, the shower steam will stimulate the smell and provide you with some aromatherapy. 

Once your interest in the bundle is spent, don’t throw it away! You can de-bud your bundle and use the buds in a potpourri or to fill a sachet. By touching the buds and stripping the stems, the scent will again be revived for a fragrant element of your decor. 

Now that you know what to do with your bundle, we invite you to  join us for our 2023 “u-pick” events that will be held the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd weeks of June while our lavender supply lasts. Happy harvesting!


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