Spring 2023

“From dawn to dusk, winter to spring, summer & autumn; the contrasts of nature refresh the mind and renew our sense of balance.” -Phil Harding

Like a toddler taking its first steps, spring has wobbled onto the scene at Long Row. As Mr. Harding suggests, spring and the farm are finding their sense of balance. In typical Missouri fashion our spring season teeters between warm and cold weather daily. During the winter months, our work is internalized. The barn gets a refresh, and so do we. Once the temperatures begin to warm, our team gets to step outside of the winter box and winter barn. This year, our mild winter turned into a cold spring and has allowed our yellow daffodils an extended bloom period. As with any seasonal shift, there are pros and cons to be experienced in nature.We take our inspiration from the short lived beauty of each season. The fruit of this inspiration can be found in our gift shop, and café. Long Row Lavender has awakened to the season and is steadily moving forward with each passing day. Just like our field.

Unlike our winter season, we do not have a word to focus on as we enter spring. Instead, we have a feeling and a seasonal heart shift. A sense of peace has settled on the farm as many of our winter projects have been completed. Along with this peace is a sense of anticipation. We are looking forward to sunshine filled days, and lots of visiting patrons. The kitchen addition is moving forward and looking more like the original barn build. Our team is on the very edge of a major operational change, and we are so excited! In addition, we have a lot of events to look forward to and blooms to enjoy in the coming weeks! We have fallen in step with our spring rhythm. Like clock-work our staff comes and prepares the barn for each new week, and we welcome visitors for lunch and coffee Wednesday through Saturday. All is right again in our world. 

This spring has already brought us wonderful workshops, a newly refreshed gift shop, and the return of culinary favorites in the café. We have welcomed our regulars, our daffodils, and new practices. As a retail business there can be a tremendous amount of pressure to produce something new each year in order to maintain public interest. With that being said, we want to make sure that our regular practices are always done with excellence. Because of this balance, we are taking spring day by day and enjoying whatever it will bring us. Instead of focusing on something new, we are choosing to do our jobs to the best of our ability. While simultaneously dreaming up new ways to present the barn to you. All with the hope of blessing each person who walks through our doors. Would you join us in enjoying spring? Come visit the farm this season  for a chance to see our yellow daffodils, white and blush peonies, and the beginning of our chamomile bed. Welcome Spring! 

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